Black Onyx Necklace

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925 sterling silver handmade Black Onyx Necklace . The pendant measures 3.5x1.2 cm and weighs 2 grams. The chain is 45 cm and it weighs 1.77 grams.

About Onyx:

Onyx is a variety of chalcedony, and it can occur in a variety of colors, although it is mostly black.

It can be found in Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Russia, South Africa and the United States.

It is believed that onyx:

  • helps with self-confidence
  • removes grief increases self-control
  • stimulates the power of wise decision-making
  • encourages happiness

Chakra: Root

Planet : Mars, Saturn

Zodiac sign: Leo

Cleanse: Incense, in sunlight for 6-12 hours.