Sebastia Howlit Necklace

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Sebastia Howlit Necklace with dark freshwater pearls and 18 carat gold-plated sterling silver clasp. Howlite beads are approx. 2 mm.

It goes really well with other gold-plated or silver-colored bohemian chic necklaces. Adjustable.

About Howlite:

Howlite is a borate mineral of calcium borosilicate hydroxide. It is typically white with greyish-black stripes all over. Because it is a fairly porous stone, it is also commonly stained in different colors.

It is believed to have calming and protective properties, it helps connect with the crown chakra, and it is beneficial to use for manifesting.

Chakra: Crown Chakra

Cleanse: in a bowl of salt, smoke and under moonlight (especially when it's full moon).

Zodiac signs: Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius.