Sebastia Agate Necklace

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Sebastia Green Agate Necklace with 5-7 mm white freshwater pearls and 18 carat gold-plated sterling silver clasp. Green agate beads are approx. 2 mm.

It pairs well with other gold plated or silver colored bohemian necklaces.

About green agate:

This beautiful, transparent deep green stone dates back to the Egyptians. At least 3,000 years ago, they used agate for rings and decoration. Agate is named after the Achates River (now called Dirillo) on the Mediterranean island of Sicily, an ancient source of this gemstone.

It is believed that green agate has protective and healing properties. It is good for stress and anxiety and insomnia.

Chakra: Heart

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Cleanse: Under water, incense, sound of singing bowl.