Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

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  • 925 sterling silver necklace with rainbow moonstone .
  • 3.16 gr.
  • The chain is 40+5 cm.



About Rainbow Moonstone:


Rainbow Moonstone, also known as 'White Labradorite', is actually a variety of labradorite that has flashy colors and rainbows all over it.

The name "Rainbow Moonstone" was coined by the lapidary and mineral societies to describe this stone, even though it is not a moonstone. Rainbow Moonstone can be found in Sri Lanka, Australia, Mexico, Madagascar, Poland and India.


It is believed that rainbow moonstone:


  • activates and aligns all chakras
  • provides calming energy
  • helps mental clarity
  • protects the aura



Zodiac signs: Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer

Chakra: Crown Chakra

Cleansing: Under running water.