Lapis Lazuli Necklace

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Beautiful lapis lazuli necklace. The pendant weighs 3.15 grams and the sterling silver chain is 40+5 cm long.


About Lapis Lazuli :


Lapis lazuli is a beautiful and ancient gemstone that has been prized for its vibrant blue color and historical significance for thousands of years. It is a metamorphic rock, primarily composed of the mineral lazurite, along with other minerals such as calcite, pyrite and sodalite. Its name is derived from the Latin word " lapis " (stone) and the Persian word "lazhward" (blue).


Key characteristics of lapis lazuli include its deep blue color, often flecked with golden pyrite inclusions, and occasional white calcite veins. The presence of pyrite in lapis lazuli adds a golden shimmer that enhances its beauty.


Historically, lapis lazuli was highly valued by many ancient civilizations, including the Egyptians, Sumerians and Greeks. It was used in jewelry, amulets, and ceremonial objects. One of its most famous uses was in ancient Egypt, where it was often ground into a powder to create the prized ultramarine pigment used in paintings and cosmetics. Lapis Lazuli was one of Cleopatra's favorite gemstones, and she used it for jewelry as well as her eyeshadow.


Lapis lazuli is still used in jewelry and ornaments. It is also used as a semi-precious stone and can be found in various decorative items such as carvings, beads and inlays.


Lapis lazuli is mostly found in Afghanistan. Other deposits can be found in Chile and the United States.


It is believed that lapis lazuli possesses a number of powerful properties and energies that can positively affect individuals. They include;

inner wisdom and intuition,

communication and expression,

spiritual growth,

protection against negative energies,

stress relief,

psychic abilities,

encourage self-expression.


Lapis lazuli is the third chakra gemstone and is directly associated with self-expression.


It is not recommended to clean lapis lazuli with water. But you can cleanse and recharge it under sunlight, as well as using selenite and sage smoke.